Tenor Anthony Dean Griffey produced large and gleaming tone and displayed subtle musical and verbal intelligence. He is an altogether exceptional artist.” – Boston Globe

New York City Opera 

“It’s impossible to imagine a more affecting and nuanced portrayal of the slow-witted, itinerant ranch-hand Lennie than that offered by tenor Anthony Dean Griffey. Griffey, who first mesmerized audiences in the role five years ago, wholly embodied Lennie’s curious character – from his hunched shoulders, shuffling gait and fidgeting hands to the sudden shifts of expression on his often-bewildered face. Griffey’s Lennie was so utterly unaware of his strength and unaccountable for his actions that even Steinbeck would have been impressed. The emotional intensity of Griffey’s dramatic performance was coupled with an equally expressive vocal reading. His lithe lyric tenor was tender in its high notes and impassioned in the lower register, all the while possessing the perfect degree of stylistic simplicity for the role.”

Stacey Kors, Newsday (New York), October 17, 2003

“A major factor in its success was the tenor Anthony Dean Griffey in the leading role of Lennie Small. Lennie is a mildly retarded man with a child’s brain and a giant’s strength, fated always to kill, accidentally, the things he loves: a pet mouse, a puppy and, finally, his boss’s wife. It is a hard role to pull off, but Mr. Griffey has made it memorably his own. A large, tender figure, he modulated his strong voice to echo his character’s range from brute power to gentle innocence. He was the standout.”

Anne Midgette, The New York Times, October 17, 2003

“The ensemble was poignantly dominated by Anthony Dean Griffey as Lennie, the slow-witted giant cursed with brute strength.”

Martin Bernheimer, Opera, January 2004

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