Tenor Anthony Dean Griffey produced large and gleaming tone and displayed subtle musical and verbal intelligence. He is an altogether exceptional artist.” – Boston Globe

Bregenz Festival

“Anthony Dean Griffey sang Lennie. He radiated a sunny helplessness and vulnerability, singing with true Heldentenor energy and thrust yet able to achieve surprising sweetness and grace when needed. His was a great performance, which reminded me of Jon Vickers at his best.”

Horst Koegler, Opera, October 2001

“At the show’s center is the remarkable performance of tenor Anthony Dean Griffey, whose acting as Lennie is only outclassed by his sensitive singing; this is a truly world-class performance.”

Robert Levine, Andante.com, July 2001

“Griffey won the audience’s sympathy in his portrayal of Lenny’s [sic.] cheerful helplessness. His bright, sun-ripened tenor rang out, yet despite his power and size he remained utterly vulnerable.”

Horst Koegler, Opera News, November 2001

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