Tenor Anthony Dean Griffey produced large and gleaming tone and displayed subtle musical and verbal intelligence. He is an altogether exceptional artist.” – Boston Globe


Opéra National de Paris – Bastille

“The American tenor Anthony Dean Griffey made one of the truly remarkable debuts here in the title role. While his voice doesn’t quite have the amplitude of Ben Heppner (who did the part here in 2001), Griffey’s vocal qualities wed perfectly with those needed by Grimes.”

Jacques Doucelin, Le Figaro, January 30, 2004

“The ensemble of singers was uniformly excellent, but Anthony Dean Griffey stood out from the rest with his beautifully nuanced performance.”

Assia Rabinowitz, Le Figaro, January 27, 2004

“Griffey has a physique unprecedented in this role, his roundness making of him an immense child, a troubling image for this sailor who lets his apprentices fall so easily into the hands of death. Throughout the role, he comes closer to the poetic and hallucinatory despair of Vickers, which Britten so detested, than to the dryness and sadistic madness of Peter Pears; and in the end, despite the composer’s intentions, it’s much better this way, since the music for the opera Peter Grimes is made up of an intense poetry which belongs only to the sea and which finds its human equivalent only in the lonely, lyrical madness of its eponymous hero.”

Jean-Charles Hoffelé, Concerntclassic.com, January 19, 2004

“This past week, tenor Anthony Dean Griffey has achieved a clear success for his debut at the Opéra de Paris, in the title role of the taciturn, outsider sailor of Peter Grimes. The tenor incontestably has the physique for the role in this repertoire associated with Jon Vickers and, more recently, with Ben Heppner. As tall as he is massive, he manages without difficulty to slip into this complex character, at once dreamy, idealistic and brutal, pushed to suicide by the narrow-minded residents of his village, who suspect him of beating and even killing his apprentices, one after another. His tenor voice, very clear, is sometimes surprising in a role that is so dark, but it proves highly seductive.”

A.A., Agence France Presse, January 23, 2004

“The cast is well-matched, dominated by the stature of the American tenor Anthony Dean Griffey, embodying an overwhelming and enigmatic Peter Grimes, driven by strength and great endurance.”

Claude Ollivier, Radio Notre Dame, January 21, 2004

“Anthony Dean Griffey, who sang the title role in Glyndebourne in 2000, has a vocal timbre that is pure, youthful and full of lyricism that reminds one of Peter Pears [the role’s creator]. He is wholly convincing in the role.”

Simon Corley, concertonet.com, January 21, 2004

“The tenor Anthony Dean Griffey was a Peter who gives the role all its grandeur, as well as its ambiguity. His extensive range is replete with warm tones.”

Françoise Malettra, altamusica.com, February 2004

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