Tenor Anthony Dean Griffey produced large and gleaming tone and displayed subtle musical and verbal intelligence. He is an altogether exceptional artist.” – Boston Globe

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“The plum roles are those of George and Lennie, and both are excellently done.”
“Anthony Dean Griffey’s Lennie is a finely-tuned account, entering entirely into the character’s limited world and succeeding in making the inarticulate articulate. It’s a masterpiece of characterization, superbly sung.”

George Hall, Opera, April 2004

“Anthony Dean Griffey’s Lennie seems to emanate from a whole other realm. The character is undoubtedly Floyd’s most successful creation here. Because of his childlike nature, Lennie lives at a degree of distance from ordinary discourse, which makes the quasi-poetic text seem apt. Griffey’s pure, clear tenor is a perfect correlative for Lennie’s innocence, and he’s so temperamentally suited that he hardly seems to be ‘acting’ at all. Griffey never steps outside the role to tell us about Lennie, never forces the pathos – he simply embodies the character’s fatal unknowingness. It’s a masterly portrayal, and the one element of this recording that makes Of Mice and Men seem truly stage-worthy.”

Fred Cohn, Opera News, May 2004

“With his ringing tenor, Anthony Dean Griffey is ideally cast as Lennie, giving a moving interpretation of the colossus of a man with a childlike, though also dangerous, disposition.”

K.-F. Schulter, Das Opernglas, March 2004

“Through it all, you have the great performance of Anthony Dean Griffey as the mentally retarded Lennie, as well as an awareness that this may be the great American opera.”

David Patrick Stearns, Philadelphia Inquirer/Houston Chronicle, May 28, 2004

“It would be hard to imagine a better performance, and this audio recording is so vivid as to give the feeling of being in the theater for a live performance. The interplay between the two central characters, the good-hearted work hand George who has taken on responsibility for the mentally challenged Lenny, is superbly delineated by Floyd’s colorful word-setting in the consummate vocal realizations of (respectively) Gordon Hawkins and Anthony Dean Griffey.”

Robert Croan, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, March 14, 2004

“Anthony Dean Griffey has made a specialty of Floyd’s Lennie, most recently at New York City Opera in October. Even without the physical tics and fidgets that animate his performance in the theater, Griffey brings the character to life with a heartbreaking poignancy. Simply put, this is a relationship between artist and role that unquestionably needed to be documented.”

Steve Smith, Time Out New York, March 11-18, 2004

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